Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tagged!! 40 things about me

Ok, so I have to post a recent picture of me and my dogs and then list 40 things about me... This is the most recent, but it's from August 08.

1. I'm planning my wedding which will happen September 12th of this year!!! (Which is why I haven't had as much time to update my blog.)

2. When I was growing up I wanted to be a 911 dispatcher.

3. I buy at least one new swimsuit every summer and hardly ever go swimming.

4. I was probably one of the shyest children ever. And now I'm pretty much the opposite.

5. I don't like chocolate. I'm not really into sweets at all. Well, except cheesecake! YUM!

6. I loooove cooking. And I'm finally starting to get decent at it.

7. My brother is one of my best friends. And we didn't even really start liking each other until we were out of high school.

8. I'm tall. 5'11 and 3/4" tall. And I love to wear heels.

9. I am addicted to the internet. I probably spend about 5 hours a day on it.

10. Rockstar is my heart dog. She is my first border collie and means more to me than most people could ever imagine. It's hard to wrap your head around how much that little dog means to me.

11. Patience is something I wish I had more of. And definitely something I need to work on.

12. Pinot Noir is my absolute favorite wine.

13. I probably own over 30 pairs of jeans.

14. I hate getting up super early for work but I love getting out at 3:30!

15. I use reusable shopping bags every time I go to the grocery store and try to remember when I go to other stores as well.

16. Some of my pet peeves are slow drivers, people who ask questions all the time and never take the time to retain any of the info you previously gave them, people who complain about something but never do anything about fixing the problem.

17. I ride motorcycles and own a Kawasaki 636.

18. One of my nicknames is #46

19. I can pretty much fall asleep in any movie. No matter how good it is.

20. 2 of my favorite foods are chicken and rice. I could eat these 2 things every. single. day.

21. My dogs crate themselves in the morning when it's cold out so they don't have to stay outside that day.

22. I've been at my same job for 9 years.

23. I drink at least 2 cups of coffee every morning, except the weekends.

24. I was born in the Year of the Dog in the Chinese Zodiac....appropriate-no?

25. I started college when I was 17.

26. I am the youngest of 3. An older sister, then an older bro, then me!

27. My favorite color is pink.

28. I have a collection of sunglasses....13 pairs last time I counted.

29. I've been trying to work out lately and I hope it starts to show soon.

30. It freaks me out that people refer to Save-The-Date reminders for weddings as STD reminders.

31. I adore creative people. I lack in the creativity/artistic department.

32. I had more allergies than you can count when I was younger. Dust, grass, perfumes, metals, plastics, adhesives (think bandaids-nope-couldn't wear those!), couldn't wear disposable diapers, no meat but lamb, no dairy, no legumes, no wheat, no soy, no yeast, no seafood, no citrus, no corn (which is in everything, btw!), no eating out-EVER! My mom had to cook 2 meals at every meal. One for me, and one for the rest of my family.

33. I've been to Costa Rica.

34. I've never broken a bone. *Knocks on wood*

35. As a kid I've played soccer, swimming, Tae-Kwon-Do, volleyball, basketball, skied, snowboarded, I was a pretty active little person.

36. I have WAY more guy friends than girlfriends.

37. I wish I could sing.
38. I write everything I do daily in a planner.
39. I'm always hungry. Even if I just ate 30 minutes before.
40. I always wanted braces when I was a kid but never needed them. I just liked that you could get them in all sorts of different colors!

Friday, January 16, 2009

The sweetest face

I love when Kipp is calm. It doesn't happen often, but when it does it results in his 'sweet face' where he just looks at me with love. I think he is the most adorable, handsome, sweet, silly boy on the planet and I'm so glad he came into our lives.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Flippy Flopper Fun!

Kipp would like to invite all of you to experience his one true love. Playing Frisbee.

We decided to take a little trip to the park because I've been dying to use my new Canon Rebel that I got for Christmas!! And as long as we were going, I might as well try my hand at some action shots and bring the Flippy Flopper Frisbees. I've never had much luck taking action shots with old camera because they would always turn out blurry. Let's see what we can do...

Kipp always makes it look easy.

I don't know if he will ever wait for a frisbee to get closer to the ground to catch...he always jumps to catch them.

And makes it look so smoooooth.

Boing and chomp!

This is as close as he gets to the ground, but still all 4 feet off the floor.

Roxy says, 'HEY! What about me? I catch Frisbee's too!!! Sometimes I try to catch them with my hands even.'

And this my friends, is why we could never have named her Grace.

Rockstar has a tendency to run too fast so then she has to turn around to catch the Frisbee before it hits the ground. And this is what is looks like when captured in a freeze frame.

'Mom, I got it!!! LOOOOOOK!'

Trying to take lessons from her little brother...she attempts to jump like a real dog with all 4 feet off the ground, and aiming just her face at the Frisbee. Hmmmm, not working so well, is it Roo?

Getting closer Rockstar-you can do it!!!

Doh, back to her old antics. But hey-at least she caught it! Good girl Rockstar.

Oh no, she didn't!! Look at her go! A textbook catch by my little Roo!!

And can I even tell you how much I LOVE my new camera?! Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, LOVE!!!