Friday, December 26, 2008

Rockstar is a present pro!

Roxy loves to open presents. Especially when there are fans of hers cheering her on!

Oh, and btw, this is big news over here. I received a brand new Canon Rebel XSi for Christmas!!!! So you all better watch out. Who knows where it will take me, but you can bet that will mean I will be taking even more pictures than normal (I use that term loosly because my DF thinks there is nothing normal about the amount of photos I take). I didn't think that would be possible but I can't wait to get home and do my first photo shoot!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas from Team RK

Happy Holidays!

Rockstar and Kipp would like to wish all their furry and non-furry friends that read this blog a happy and healthy holiday season. Whatever you may or may not celebrate, we wish you the best of love, peace and happiness.

Merry Christmas!! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Hanukkah! Or as Jeff likes to say, Merry Christmahanukwanzakkah!! :) And Happy New Year to you all!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tag, I'm it!!

The lovely Laura with Craig and Taz (who is now in Canada working on his sheepdoggin skills! Go Tazzy!) tagged me with a simple and fun game! I'm excited to see what everyone that I tag posts! :)

So, here is the deal. She was tagged first, and now I'm next. The rules are simple: go to your photo archives on your computer and go into the 6th folder and count up to the 6th picture and post it on your blog, along with the story that goes with it.

Warning-semi graphic image up ahead if you don't like blood.

This is the 6th picture in my 6th folder. Camping up in Buena Vista the night before a disc dog competition. It was dark out, this was a dog approved camp ground.....with a barb wire fence running straight through the campsite!! I was SO pissed. So while we were setting up the tent and getting things out of the car Kipp walks over to me....blood dripping everywhere. Scared the crap out of me.

This was taken after we cleaned the cut, but you can see that the cut goes from right under his armpit, all the way down to his paw. (It looks like a white line all the way down his leg-you can view it larger if you double click the picture.)

So, we wrapped him up, and my poor baby had to hang out in his crate for the rest of the evening so he wasn't running around on his hurt leg.

And to make the trip worse, my DF accidently wrapped his vetwrap too tight and Kipp's foot was swollen the next morning...

My little Dipper just layed in the tent and licked at his foot the entire morning.

But he cheered on his sister at the competition the next day and for her first time ever she won a gold medal and placed first in the novice division!! It was cute, Kipp walked over to the field with us when it was Rockstar's turn to go and he watched her compete and actually looked happy that she was doing so good. He would nudge her when she got back to the sidelines as if to say 'Good job sis, you kicked ass!'

Now it's my turn to start tagging!!! 6 victims.... Muah ah ah ahhhhh. I choose:


Kate and Bella

Qwill and Friends

Allie and Rusty

Ziva the Sar dog

Chesney and Tucker

Monday, December 15, 2008

Park Bench fun

I, for some odd reason, like to make my dogs pose on things that they would rather not. Like this fun green park bench at our local park.

Roxy nicely got up on the bench and sat down, as if to say 'Let's just get this over with lady' and Kipp would not, I mean NOT sit down. Whatever Kipp-you big baby. Good enough for me.

Then we found this other nice green park bench on the top of the hill at the park. Like she knew I was going to ask her to hop up, she did it for me and awaited the picture taking.

I think this is her favorite view. This is her park.

It's actually quite the place. There is a huge area to just run around, and a nice big flat area for practicing discin'.

Kipp doesn't always quite 'get' what I'm asking him. That or he doesn't get why I would want him to do such silly things. He always takes longer to convince that this is fun! But he will usually comply with my wishes for a short time.

Kipp the Lemur. The ears, the eyes, the tail. He totally looks like a Lemur to me here.

And then there is my fox dog. Roxy ends up looking rather fox-ish in many of her pics. Hmmm, Halloween ideas for next year are popping into my head right now...

Mr. Handsome. Still wondering why his mom is crazy. I love you Buddy-thanks for being such a good boy! You can get off now.

I think he got used to being on the bench. Because he didn't really want to get down even after I told him it was ok. He sat, taking in the cold, then hopped off to hang with his sis.

Enjoying each other's company.

And my favorite picture of the trip. The moon in the blue sky, and my 2 pups seeming to relax and just enjoy the view.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Park + Snow = Fun!!!

I decided that since the pups had to be in their crates all day because it was FREEZING out yesterday (talking less than 10 degrees when I left the house in the am and it never made it past 25 degrees all day. It was around 10-15 with the windchill......brrrrrrrrrrr!)

So we packed up out brand spankin' new Camo Wubba and off to the park we went! What does Rockstar do when we first get to the park? Lay down right in the middle of the shady snow. Aren't these dogs supposed to be one of the smartest breeds? Hmmmmm.....

Ahhhh, maybe Kipp is the smart one. At least he layed where there was some sunshine! Which is good because Kipp can't seem to 'shake' like a normal dog and he can never get all the wet off him properly. Thus, he ends up freezing his little booty off by the time we go back inside.

Wubba Time!!! Kipp would love it if someone would PLEASE throw his new Wubba!! (Wow, I should get paid for all this free Wubba advertising I'm doing right now!)

Roxy likes to carry the Wubba by the strands for some the hard part hits her in the face as she's running....again, smartest breed???

I love her gate as she's running. And look at that smile on her face! She was LOVING the snow!

Kipp is funny. He really didn't know what to do at the park with no Frisbee to chase (or Wubba once I put it away) so he just chased Roxy around. I think he would've just layed down and hung out by me if she wasn't there....waiting for some toy stimulation. Weirdo.

They liked sticking their noses in the snow and then licking it off their faces. That was pretty cute. Roxy would do it as she was running. Like a seagull scooping up a fish out of the water-she would just open her mouth and scoop the top layer of snow off the ground and just keep running.

And then they ran some more!

Eventually I made them stop and rest a little. Hmmm, I wonder what they're looking at? (If you look closely at Kipp's belly -just above his muzzle- you can see how red it is. It was COLD out!!)

Hi mom!!!!

Why does Kipp ALWAYS seem to have a snowy face?

Oh yeah, because Roxy kicks up snow dust onto him when she's running! See?

Examining the park from the top of the hill. Making sure everything is kosher. It seems to be. So I guess we can go home now. :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Rockstar's snowy face

Rockstar's snowy face
Originally uploaded by number 46
And Roxy runs so fast that she usually ends up slipping in the snow and that's how HER face gets to looking like this. :)

Kipp's snowy face

Kipp's snowy face
Originally uploaded by number 46
Sometimes Kipp will miss the frisbee and must dig into the snow to find it again. He usually comes up looking something like this!

Snow bunnies

snow bunnies
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Rockstar and Kipp absolutely LURVE the snow so we took the opportunity last weekend to take some time and enjoy it together.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A little DP trip

I love the dog park. You get to hang out with other people who (for the most part) are doing the right thing with their dogs. Exercising them, socializing them, letting them be dogs, some are even -gasp- training them!

I think this is one of Rockstar's favorite places in the entire world. Chatfield State Park has a DP that is HUGE! It has 2 lakes for swimming and a nice stream to play in as well. Obviously under normal Colorado weather these would've been off limits right now but it's been SO nice here the water wasn't too cold and Team RK was frolicking and swimming away!


Waiting for Jeff to throw their ball back in the lake!
On the shore

Here is Rockstar and her weird lip.
Weird lip

And then we head to land to dry off!! Anyone else notice the only thing in focus is her nose??
Roxy shake

And Roxy trying to avoid Kipp's shakeoff water and focus on the task at hand....the BALL!
Roxy expecting the throw

And this is Kipp's innocent face. 'I didn't shake water off on Roxy, honest!'
Sweet boy

We even met some other BC's there too - and another Kipp imposter at that! This one is a girl and her name is Nell. She actually herds real sheep normally...

BUT you better watch out though if you're a white fluffy dog in a pack of bc's....they might just mistake you for a sheep!! Good thing there is a Chuck-It around keeping their interest!

And here is the smooth-coated crew...all ball obsessed. Weird-I know!

Kipp would like to just inform everyone that there is only ONE Kipp! And look how handsome he is.

But he would like to know this one thing.....WHY?????

I dunno buddy. I can't explain that one.

Moving on....

Let's make the dogs pose on a tree trunk!
On the log

Roxy on the log

And we'll finish off this trip with a little more fetch!
The thrill of the chase!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sister Kimberly sends presents!

Ok, so they weren't for Rockstar's birthday, but since I hadn't given them to the dogs yet I thought I was an appropriate time to finally do it. (I actually received them back at the beginning of September!) But my camera wasn't working at the time so I waited, because I figured it would make a good blog! :)

Oooooo, presents!
I'll just snap a pic really quickly before Roxy or Kipp realizes what they are or who they are for.

(They always seem to be able to sniff out dog toys like nobody's business!)

See what I mean, Roxy is already figuring out that something awesome could be hiding inside the bag.

And before you know it, she grabs one out. I should've never let her unwrap her Christmas presents for the past 2 years, now she just digs in when she knows it's for her! Lol.

And before they get completely destroyed I thought I'd show you guys what they got. 2 rope toys, which happen to be Roxy's favorite thing, but she ends up shredding them all over the living room and I end up picking up strings for days, so mommy doesn't buy her those anymore. This is a special treat! And also 2 on-the-go doggy bowls! They're great. They compact into tiny little flat squares and fit in the tiniest space. Perfect since we take the dogs everywhere with us!

Notice Rockstar trying to be sneaky and steal a toy mid-picture. I couldn't get her out of the pic!

So I had her jump up and take a picture with the fun stuff....but where'd her front legs go? She looks like a cross between a fox and a deer to me for some reason.

You know they're both thinking:
'So seriously, are you gonna put that camera down and throw our new toys? Because this isn't fun for us right now....'

Now THESE are the happy faces I wanted to see!

Kipp found me the toys (like I didn't know where they were!) and in true Kipp fashion, presented them to me with a bow.

Kipp: C'mon Mom, here, I'll even hand it right to you!

Kipp: Oh, I love it, I love it, I love it. Chase, chase, chase. It's all mine.

Kipp: Hey, did you not hear me? I said-It's all mine! Don't you go trying to steal my toy.

Roxy: It's my birthday though, and I am a tugging ninja!! I don't know if you want to try and compete!

Roxy: Neener neener neener. I win, I win. Here mom, here's the toy.

Roxy: Don't you want to take it? Do I need to get it closer? Here, here, HERE!!

So what does Kipp do? He just goes and gets the other toy....and now Rockstar wants that one too. She's SUCH a girl!

And there she goes, just taking what she wants...

Well, attempting to anyway!

He doesn't look too broken up that she took his toy does he?

And here is what she did with it. Less than 5 minutes later and she's already chewed through it! She absolutely loves to chew rope toys. No wonder her teeth are so pearly white!

Thanks Sister Kimberly!! You're the best doggy Aunty EVA!