Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A little DP trip

I love the dog park. You get to hang out with other people who (for the most part) are doing the right thing with their dogs. Exercising them, socializing them, letting them be dogs, some are even -gasp- training them!

I think this is one of Rockstar's favorite places in the entire world. Chatfield State Park has a DP that is HUGE! It has 2 lakes for swimming and a nice stream to play in as well. Obviously under normal Colorado weather these would've been off limits right now but it's been SO nice here the water wasn't too cold and Team RK was frolicking and swimming away!


Waiting for Jeff to throw their ball back in the lake!
On the shore

Here is Rockstar and her weird lip.
Weird lip

And then we head to land to dry off!! Anyone else notice the only thing in focus is her nose??
Roxy shake

And Roxy trying to avoid Kipp's shakeoff water and focus on the task at hand....the BALL!
Roxy expecting the throw

And this is Kipp's innocent face. 'I didn't shake water off on Roxy, honest!'
Sweet boy

We even met some other BC's there too - and another Kipp imposter at that! This one is a girl and her name is Nell. She actually herds real sheep normally...

BUT you better watch out though if you're a white fluffy dog in a pack of bc's....they might just mistake you for a sheep!! Good thing there is a Chuck-It around keeping their interest!

And here is the smooth-coated crew...all ball obsessed. Weird-I know!

Kipp would like to just inform everyone that there is only ONE Kipp! And look how handsome he is.

But he would like to know this one thing.....WHY?????

I dunno buddy. I can't explain that one.

Moving on....

Let's make the dogs pose on a tree trunk!
On the log

Roxy on the log

And we'll finish off this trip with a little more fetch!
The thrill of the chase!


Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Those are great!
Aren't chuck-its the best thing.
hehe... nice to see that your two are as ball obsessed as mine. :-)

Rockstar and Kipp said...

Yes, they are totally toy obsessed! It makes it easy to exercise them, that's for sure. :) And the chuck-it helps too. Lol.