Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Rockstar!!

Yesterday was Rockstar's 3rd birthday!! So, in proper dog lover fashion we gave her some awesome presents. To start, she got a nice new collar and Kipp did too. (Although they were supposed to be for Christmas, I just couldn't wait that long.)

And fancy new dog tags to go with them! They're little dog paws!

And I didn't think that was enough so I had to go back and order them matching leashes so they can be extra-fancy!!

Once I have a chance I'll try and take some outside pictures with them on. Indoor pictures are boring and not well lit, IMO. Well, at least all mine are.

Rockstar got a HUGE busy bone instead of a cake which I think she was pretty darn happy about. And she also got a duck, one of her favorite toys ever. And a pink sqeaky bone. She was a happy little girl. And we also went to the dog park today so I will be posting those pictures later in the week. It was a great weekend.

Except on Saturday when we spent the entire day at a flyball tournament. The Western Border Collie Rescue was there trying to adopt some dogs out, and I was there to help out. And I couldn't leave Roxy at home on her birthday so she and Kipp came along. They don't look too happy to be stuck on this blanket all day, do they?

But when she got home it was all Roxy playtime with her dad!

Which toy will she choose? Yep, her favorite duck.

Her and Jeff like to tug together. And he doesn't use his hands....this is way more fun!! (Oooo, you can see her pretty new collar here.)

I wonder who will win this war? (You have to click this picture to enlarge it-and look at Rockstar's face. It's hilarious!!!)

And eventually Kipp joined in too. Once Rockstar got to break her duck in properly. :)

Happy Birthday little girl!! We love you!


Allie Oop said...

Happy B-Day Roxie!! Thanks for being such a good sport at the flyball tourney.

Fenway said...

Happy Birthday Rockstar! Did you break your Duck in two to share with Kipp?

I thought you both looked a little concerned in the pics taken at the adoption day. Were you sad for the dogs there?

Your pal,

Rockstar and Kipp said...

Rox and Kipp play rather well with one toy....and eventually the softer toys usually do rip in 2 when their game of tug gets crazy! :)

And at the adoption event Rockstar wanted to go and PLAY flyball (she trained in it last winter) and Kipp was probably reminded of his days when he was a foster and had to meet all sorts of new people...don't worry buddy-you aren't going anywhere.

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Belated Happy 3rd Birthday Rockstar. Holly will be 3 as well on December 19th.

My two have had one of those bid toys, they loved the noise it make. It got destroyed after a while though, my two are very rough and tough tuggers. lol

The collars and leashes are really nice, i like the matching pet tags.

Rebecca and Molly the Border Collie said...

Happy Birthday Rockstar!!