Sunday, June 29, 2008

They broke me down! I'm so weak.

After looking at this face for the last could I not break down and play a little with the poor boy?

Because, you see, he brings me toys every second he gets the chance.

And Rockstar is bored sick of not being able to play too. Because Kipp just can't seem to handle watching his big but littler sister play and not be able to play himself. So, she is S.O.L. But, she brings me toys too....

I broke down, and threw the toy.

Tug, tug, tug.

Rockstar is bound and determined to get this toy. I call this her yin-yang move.

We went down to our non-existent yard of a backyard and played. This is what happens when you drop the toy as you are running back and try to hit your brakes as hard as possible!


And after playtime is over this is what my Kippers looks like. He holds up his paw, but still never takes his attention off the toy. Rockstar on the other paw seems happy as a clam she finally got to play!! Well Kipp looks happy too, just in a little bit of pain.

This is the look I got from Ru when I told them both to go lay down. It's time to chill.

I dunno, but she looks a little pissed off to me!

I'm sooooo over this 'downtime' crap.

Kipp on the other paw, much to my and Jeff's surprise, looked relieved to just relax on the deck under a chair. Yet he still couldn't lose site of his toy!!!

I think that we are going to try and set up an appointment this week to get his nail removed. It's not getting better and he licks it constantly. I want to make sure he is in as little pain as possible and as happy as possible. I hope it helps.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Broken nail, broken soul

My poor Kipp just isn't having good luck in the pain-free department lately. On Monday he split one of his nails on his front passenger side paw right in half-horizontally. And it hurts him. He licks it constantly and limps. It looks like he has 2 nails now. One right on top of the other.

He is now confined (AGAIN!) to his crate during the day while we're at work, while Roxy is all alone outside. And it sucks for both of them. It's been no fun for anyone really. Kipp is still Kipp and wants to play, constantly. As soon as we let him out of his crate, you would think he would want to go outside to potty. Not my Kipp. He runs to the first toy he sees and drops it at our feet. He would completely play through the pain.

It's so sad because normally the routine when we get home is a little house-play while we are cooking dinner and relaxing. Then once it gets a little cooler out we hit up the park. Since he hurt himself we haven't even taken Miss Rox to the park. I feel bad leaving him at home when I know he wants to come play. But this is a nice time to work on some training. He is starting to learn some little tricks, but really, that can only keep a dog like Kipp entertained for so long. He would much rather play than learn.

So here we go again. Trying to keep Kipp chill. Yeah, riiiiiight.....

Friday, June 13, 2008


A couple of weekends ago we decided to go camping. Memorial Day weekend actually.

What the #*%^ were we thinking??

Ok, that reaction might have been slightly overdramatic, but really.... We couldn't go up half the 4x4 trails because of snow, still 3-4 feet high in some places, and it decided to rain THE ENTIRE NIGHT. There is nothing relaxing about listening to rain pound your tent while you are trying to catch some Z's.

It wasn't all bad though, and I have the pictures to prove it! We went up by an old abandoned mine which was very cool. We saw lots of this:

And I had to go in and check it out of course!!

Not sure what this was back in the day but it's still cool to photograph!

Me and the pooches restin' with the Bubba Keg!

Kipp was slightly confused about why it looked like we were going to be staying up on the side of a mountain and refused to get out of the truck for atleast 45 minutes...

Roxy on the other hand promptly stole the crate we brought for Champ because it really is hers and she was sick of sharing it!

After some pouting, and then some convincing, Kipp finally came out for a look around.

Camp is almost completely set up and ready to go!

Ok, NOW camp is set up. All 3 dogs are happy campers! Ha, get it, happy campers?! Ok, no more vodka/Go Fast's for Amy.....

Still light out and ready for bed Roo?

Way to give Kipp some ideas....he took 45 minutes to get out of the car...wanna guess how long it took to get him out of the tent?

Actually, they didn't stay in there too long, but Kipp didn't really know what to think about this whole camping thing. I think once he realized we weren't going anywhere he settled down. Well that, and once I busted out some of his favorite toys to play with! We're gonna need to go again soon. Roxy had a limp and couldn't really do much when we went, Kipp had no idea what the hell was going on, and we had an 11 week old puppy to watch. Next time should be a little more organized and hopefully NO RAIN will bless us with it's presence....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I love pictures!

All pictures courtesy of sister Kim! No, she doesn't live in a convent. But she needs a nickname. Creative, huh?

And this my friends is how it's done... Walking out on to the field - Just look at that focus! He is super intense when it comes to toys. They're serious business!!

And it's up...


Jeff and Kipp rocking out to take the 1st place spot in novice!!!

(Pssssssttttttt! Hey babe-it's the wrong season for that shirt!)

Such a pretty boy! I love this DOG!

I really need to start playing more with my new point and shoot camera....maybe I'll do that tonight and see if I get anything worthy of 'the blog.' That way you guys don't get burnt out on Frisbee pics! Because we all know I never will.....

Monday, June 9, 2008

My little rescue ROCKS!

Kipp did it again. That boy is one amazing dog! He walked away with the 1st place in the novice division with Jeff, and I decided to step up and see what I could do in the Advanced division, and suprisingly, we took home 5th!

I think I will go back into novice though for the rest of the season with both dogs. We don't belong in advanced and I know that. I was thinking I wanted to try freestyle before the season is up too, but ya know, why rush it? I think we will play around a little with some moves but stay in T&C (toss and catch) for this season.

Anyway, here are the only pics that I got of Kipp. They're not so great, but I try to stand where he can't see me and get distracted!

Rockstar had a bit of an off day, or we did...I'm not sure which. I was nervous, and I'm sure she knew it. Another good reason to go back to novice....MUCH less nerveracking!!! I think I got 21st with her in advanced and I *think* Jeff took 8th with her in novice? And no pics of her, unfortunatly. I lost motivation to take pictures this week for some reason.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A First Place for Kipp and a Third Place for Rockstar!

YES! This was a GOOOOOOD weekend for the Rockstar and Kipp. Kipp took First place in the Novice division and Rockstar took Third place!! I don't have any pictures (yet) of them catching frisbees but here is 2 I have from the awards ceremony after.

Kipp beat out 39 other teams to gain the first place spot-I'm SO proud!!!

Kipp won a HUGE bag of dog food, a plaque, and that fancy blue ribbon around his neck. Rockstar walked away with a container of her favorite treats, a plaque and that beautiful white ribbon that is around her neck. Obviously, after they were given the treats that's all they cared about!

If you look closely, their plaques are each sitting in front of them. And that big ol' bag of food behind us? Yeah, that's $40 back in my pocket thanks to my boy! :)

And what's extra funny.....during our 'pep talk' I told them both if they win there will be some delicious treats involved. I think they listened!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Pictures from Sunday

I told you I would get better at action shots!

Here we go: First up? Clint and Casey (it was Casey's birthday btw, so ya know, Holla!). They placed 7th....Just out of reach for the cut!

Casey is an awesome dog! See?!

Look at that tail fluff! Get it Case!

Here is a pic of a newbie (like I'm not-ha!) but he is rockin' his first freestyle routine. He also has a Maggey!
Remember Doggie Daycare???? Here is Zoe Monster and Mariah rockin out with their dad! Stretch Zoe, Streeeeetch!!!

Mariah gettin her disc on!

Between the legs.

Off the back-she is kickin some ass!

Under the leg, I don't remember if she caught this one or not.


Over the leg-Maggie can catch anything!

Check out that air!!! I really wish this picture had come out time I'll remember to clean my lens!