Monday, June 9, 2008

My little rescue ROCKS!

Kipp did it again. That boy is one amazing dog! He walked away with the 1st place in the novice division with Jeff, and I decided to step up and see what I could do in the Advanced division, and suprisingly, we took home 5th!

I think I will go back into novice though for the rest of the season with both dogs. We don't belong in advanced and I know that. I was thinking I wanted to try freestyle before the season is up too, but ya know, why rush it? I think we will play around a little with some moves but stay in T&C (toss and catch) for this season.

Anyway, here are the only pics that I got of Kipp. They're not so great, but I try to stand where he can't see me and get distracted!

Rockstar had a bit of an off day, or we did...I'm not sure which. I was nervous, and I'm sure she knew it. Another good reason to go back to novice....MUCH less nerveracking!!! I think I got 21st with her in advanced and I *think* Jeff took 8th with her in novice? And no pics of her, unfortunatly. I lost motivation to take pictures this week for some reason.


Bobbi said...

Congratulations to you all!!! They are doing so amazing. I'll have to come watch them sometime. Hell Maybe I can get Zoey to catch something. Yeah right. haha

Rockstar said...

Thanks B! Watching Zoey catch some frisbees would be AWESOME! Crazy little Zoey!!! :)