Thursday, June 12, 2008

I love pictures!

All pictures courtesy of sister Kim! No, she doesn't live in a convent. But she needs a nickname. Creative, huh?

And this my friends is how it's done... Walking out on to the field - Just look at that focus! He is super intense when it comes to toys. They're serious business!!

And it's up...


Jeff and Kipp rocking out to take the 1st place spot in novice!!!

(Pssssssttttttt! Hey babe-it's the wrong season for that shirt!)

Such a pretty boy! I love this DOG!

I really need to start playing more with my new point and shoot camera....maybe I'll do that tonight and see if I get anything worthy of 'the blog.' That way you guys don't get burnt out on Frisbee pics! Because we all know I never will.....

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