Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A First Place for Kipp and a Third Place for Rockstar!

YES! This was a GOOOOOOD weekend for the Rockstar and Kipp. Kipp took First place in the Novice division and Rockstar took Third place!! I don't have any pictures (yet) of them catching frisbees but here is 2 I have from the awards ceremony after.

Kipp beat out 39 other teams to gain the first place spot-I'm SO proud!!!

Kipp won a HUGE bag of dog food, a plaque, and that fancy blue ribbon around his neck. Rockstar walked away with a container of her favorite treats, a plaque and that beautiful white ribbon that is around her neck. Obviously, after they were given the treats that's all they cared about!

If you look closely, their plaques are each sitting in front of them. And that big ol' bag of food behind us? Yeah, that's $40 back in my pocket thanks to my boy! :)

And what's extra funny.....during our 'pep talk' I told them both if they win there will be some delicious treats involved. I think they listened!

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Kimberly said...

They are staring verrry intently at those treats!

Congratulations, Kipp, Roxy and Rockstar Mama! That is an amazing showing. Great work all around!