Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A little DP trip

I love the dog park. You get to hang out with other people who (for the most part) are doing the right thing with their dogs. Exercising them, socializing them, letting them be dogs, some are even -gasp- training them!

I think this is one of Rockstar's favorite places in the entire world. Chatfield State Park has a DP that is HUGE! It has 2 lakes for swimming and a nice stream to play in as well. Obviously under normal Colorado weather these would've been off limits right now but it's been SO nice here the water wasn't too cold and Team RK was frolicking and swimming away!


Waiting for Jeff to throw their ball back in the lake!
On the shore

Here is Rockstar and her weird lip.
Weird lip

And then we head to land to dry off!! Anyone else notice the only thing in focus is her nose??
Roxy shake

And Roxy trying to avoid Kipp's shakeoff water and focus on the task at hand....the BALL!
Roxy expecting the throw

And this is Kipp's innocent face. 'I didn't shake water off on Roxy, honest!'
Sweet boy

We even met some other BC's there too - and another Kipp imposter at that! This one is a girl and her name is Nell. She actually herds real sheep normally...

BUT you better watch out though if you're a white fluffy dog in a pack of bc's....they might just mistake you for a sheep!! Good thing there is a Chuck-It around keeping their interest!

And here is the smooth-coated crew...all ball obsessed. Weird-I know!

Kipp would like to just inform everyone that there is only ONE Kipp! And look how handsome he is.

But he would like to know this one thing.....WHY?????

I dunno buddy. I can't explain that one.

Moving on....

Let's make the dogs pose on a tree trunk!
On the log

Roxy on the log

And we'll finish off this trip with a little more fetch!
The thrill of the chase!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sister Kimberly sends presents!

Ok, so they weren't for Rockstar's birthday, but since I hadn't given them to the dogs yet I thought I was an appropriate time to finally do it. (I actually received them back at the beginning of September!) But my camera wasn't working at the time so I waited, because I figured it would make a good blog! :)

Oooooo, presents!
I'll just snap a pic really quickly before Roxy or Kipp realizes what they are or who they are for.

(They always seem to be able to sniff out dog toys like nobody's business!)

See what I mean, Roxy is already figuring out that something awesome could be hiding inside the bag.

And before you know it, she grabs one out. I should've never let her unwrap her Christmas presents for the past 2 years, now she just digs in when she knows it's for her! Lol.

And before they get completely destroyed I thought I'd show you guys what they got. 2 rope toys, which happen to be Roxy's favorite thing, but she ends up shredding them all over the living room and I end up picking up strings for days, so mommy doesn't buy her those anymore. This is a special treat! And also 2 on-the-go doggy bowls! They're great. They compact into tiny little flat squares and fit in the tiniest space. Perfect since we take the dogs everywhere with us!

Notice Rockstar trying to be sneaky and steal a toy mid-picture. I couldn't get her out of the pic!

So I had her jump up and take a picture with the fun stuff....but where'd her front legs go? She looks like a cross between a fox and a deer to me for some reason.

You know they're both thinking:
'So seriously, are you gonna put that camera down and throw our new toys? Because this isn't fun for us right now....'

Now THESE are the happy faces I wanted to see!

Kipp found me the toys (like I didn't know where they were!) and in true Kipp fashion, presented them to me with a bow.

Kipp: C'mon Mom, here, I'll even hand it right to you!

Kipp: Oh, I love it, I love it, I love it. Chase, chase, chase. It's all mine.

Kipp: Hey, did you not hear me? I said-It's all mine! Don't you go trying to steal my toy.

Roxy: It's my birthday though, and I am a tugging ninja!! I don't know if you want to try and compete!

Roxy: Neener neener neener. I win, I win. Here mom, here's the toy.

Roxy: Don't you want to take it? Do I need to get it closer? Here, here, HERE!!

So what does Kipp do? He just goes and gets the other toy....and now Rockstar wants that one too. She's SUCH a girl!

And there she goes, just taking what she wants...

Well, attempting to anyway!

He doesn't look too broken up that she took his toy does he?

And here is what she did with it. Less than 5 minutes later and she's already chewed through it! She absolutely loves to chew rope toys. No wonder her teeth are so pearly white!

Thanks Sister Kimberly!! You're the best doggy Aunty EVA!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Rockstar!!

Yesterday was Rockstar's 3rd birthday!! So, in proper dog lover fashion we gave her some awesome presents. To start, she got a nice new collar and Kipp did too. (Although they were supposed to be for Christmas, I just couldn't wait that long.)

And fancy new dog tags to go with them! They're little dog paws!

And I didn't think that was enough so I had to go back and order them matching leashes so they can be extra-fancy!!

Once I have a chance I'll try and take some outside pictures with them on. Indoor pictures are boring and not well lit, IMO. Well, at least all mine are.

Rockstar got a HUGE busy bone instead of a cake which I think she was pretty darn happy about. And she also got a duck, one of her favorite toys ever. And a pink sqeaky bone. She was a happy little girl. And we also went to the dog park today so I will be posting those pictures later in the week. It was a great weekend.

Except on Saturday when we spent the entire day at a flyball tournament. The Western Border Collie Rescue was there trying to adopt some dogs out, and I was there to help out. And I couldn't leave Roxy at home on her birthday so she and Kipp came along. They don't look too happy to be stuck on this blanket all day, do they?

But when she got home it was all Roxy playtime with her dad!

Which toy will she choose? Yep, her favorite duck.

Her and Jeff like to tug together. And he doesn't use his hands....this is way more fun!! (Oooo, you can see her pretty new collar here.)

I wonder who will win this war? (You have to click this picture to enlarge it-and look at Rockstar's face. It's hilarious!!!)

And eventually Kipp joined in too. Once Rockstar got to break her duck in properly. :)

Happy Birthday little girl!! We love you!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Do you smell that?

Uh oh, what is that?

Do you smell that??? Where is it coming from? Over there maybe...

Oh my god, it's coming from ANOTHER HOSE MONSTER!!!

I WILL get you this time. You will not get the best of me!

Don't make me bust out my best grizzly bear moves!!

C'mon Kipp!! Help me out here. Last time you just ran away-we can take it down. Together! Power in numbers!!

Fine, you big sissy. Go back inside. I'll take care of this myself!

Ugh, this is SO not working.... Hmmm. I have to think. I have to come up with a better plan. Think, Rockstar, think!

La la la la laaaaaaa, I'm just gonna walk over here for no reason at all, Mr. Hose Monster. De de deee, walking, walking, walking.

And I'll come at you from this side! ATTAAAAAAACK!!!!!!! Kipp, wrong way buddy!!! Come on!

Wait, how'd you get behind me so fast?

Alright, it's head on time. Coming at you from the side obviously isn't working. Here we go!

Yep, that did it. The hose monster is gone and did I mention he tasted delicious?!

Yeah, I'm getting some love from my dad for a job well done. I'm SUCH a GREAT guard dog!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha....Kipp is NOT! See, this is what all his pictures looked like-big baby!

Here I am shaking it off, when that stupid hose monster tried to come attack me again. Mom told me that we were 'done'. I hate when she says that because it usually means no more fun. And today was no different.

So, I sat in my yard with my new grass and made sure it didn't try anything sneaky.

You best listen, hose monster. Or this face will be the last thing you see!!

Seriously, who knew that getting grass would be so much fun. Roxy looooves the grass and chasing the hose. I've never seen her do that before now but it's hilarious! Watering the grass has never been more entertaining!