Friday, November 14, 2008

Do you smell that?

Uh oh, what is that?

Do you smell that??? Where is it coming from? Over there maybe...

Oh my god, it's coming from ANOTHER HOSE MONSTER!!!

I WILL get you this time. You will not get the best of me!

Don't make me bust out my best grizzly bear moves!!

C'mon Kipp!! Help me out here. Last time you just ran away-we can take it down. Together! Power in numbers!!

Fine, you big sissy. Go back inside. I'll take care of this myself!

Ugh, this is SO not working.... Hmmm. I have to think. I have to come up with a better plan. Think, Rockstar, think!

La la la la laaaaaaa, I'm just gonna walk over here for no reason at all, Mr. Hose Monster. De de deee, walking, walking, walking.

And I'll come at you from this side! ATTAAAAAAACK!!!!!!! Kipp, wrong way buddy!!! Come on!

Wait, how'd you get behind me so fast?

Alright, it's head on time. Coming at you from the side obviously isn't working. Here we go!

Yep, that did it. The hose monster is gone and did I mention he tasted delicious?!

Yeah, I'm getting some love from my dad for a job well done. I'm SUCH a GREAT guard dog!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha....Kipp is NOT! See, this is what all his pictures looked like-big baby!

Here I am shaking it off, when that stupid hose monster tried to come attack me again. Mom told me that we were 'done'. I hate when she says that because it usually means no more fun. And today was no different.

So, I sat in my yard with my new grass and made sure it didn't try anything sneaky.

You best listen, hose monster. Or this face will be the last thing you see!!

Seriously, who knew that getting grass would be so much fun. Roxy looooves the grass and chasing the hose. I've never seen her do that before now but it's hilarious! Watering the grass has never been more entertaining!

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