Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Guess what? I got a call Monday evening that something was messed up when they were doing the scores from last weekends comp in BV and Rockstar actually ended up taking FIRST! Not second like they initially told us! WOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!! This is Roxy's first Gold medal!

Have I told you about how much better she is doing with tracking discs and slowing down (just enough) to catch the disc? She's just so dang fast that she over-runs her throws every time! I was so excited last weekend when I just KNEW we rocked it, and I was happy with silver because we were up against some good competition, but now that the final scores were tallied again, we beat the second place team by 3.5 points! Awesome! That's my little girl! Way, way too cool.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dipper Update

Kipp seems to be doing pretty darn good and part of his leg is starting to heal up already! The upper cuts are deeper than the lower ones on his leg, (which are also harder to wrap and keep covered! UGH!) and so they are still open and exposed, but the lower ones are starting to scab and I think itch, because Kipp keeps trying to lick them through the vet-wrap. Silly doggy. But I'm taking this as a good sign and he is now on the up and up! Hooray!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Barb Wire SUCKS!!!!

This was supposed to be a fun weekend.

It was supposed to be relaxing.

It did end up being mostly fun, but NOT relaxing.....

Our disc dog comp on Saturday was in Buena Vista. About 3 hours from where we live so camping the night before and after seemed like the perfect idea. Until Kipp ran through a barb wire fence less than 10 minutes after we arrived at the camp site Friday night. He got his left front leg pretty good.

This is what it looked like after we cleaned it up and got it ready to bandage:

Just one of the MANY paper towels we used to stop the bleeding. My poor little boy. The cut goes from under his arm pit all the way down his leg. It's actually 3 cuts right on top of one another. Our friends and camp mates Mike and Kellie kicked ass and helped us clean up his wound, wrap him up, set up our tent, unpack our car, and probably so much more I didn't even notice during this 'emotional' time for me. You guys ROCK!!!!

We're such novices at Doggy first-aid, but between me, bf Jeff, and Mike and Kellie we ended up with this....

This also reminds me that we need to fill the first-aid kit back up. I think we used every gauze pad, half the antibiotic and we also need to add more vet wrap and doggie stuff to it!!

The bandage ended up being too tight and his little paw was swollen when we woke up in the morning. Well we didn't really sleep and I figured out there was a problem around 4:30 am if you can call that the morning. Oh, my Poor Little Boy!!

Roxy couldn't stand to see her brother in pain so she took sollace in Mike and Kellie's tent. Just because they have an air mattress doesn't mean you can leave us Ru!

Kipp decided that he was spent, and hung out the entire next morning in the tent while we got ready and packed up. The tent was the last thing to be put in the car so he could rest as much as possible.

Rockstar and her friend Maggey (who is one of Mike and Kellie's pooches) decided to get in to some trouble and find the river..... Wet doggies in the morning are WAY too much to handle.

Good thing bf Jeff scooped her up before she could reach the river and she stayed dry the entire morning! (Unlike last night!)

This is Kipp's leg the next morning. Looks about the same. He's in pain, but he's no baby! Walking around just fine. And we'll keep it bandaged with antibiotic and gauze and wrap until it's healed more. He has done a wonderful job of keeping still while I wrap it and is just being a very good boy through it all.

BUT Rockstar did still play in the competition this weekend and she took 2nd in novice while her brother cheered her on from the sidelines. He wanted to play but I think he was happy enough watching her and relaxing with us. She won a medal and a really cool candle that is sitting on our table making the kitchen smell yummy!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Getting ready for the weekend

This weekend should be AWESOME! We leave after work today, to drive about 3 hours, to Buena Vista. There is a disc dog competition up there tomorrow, and we decided to take the opportunity to camp while we're there. Tonight and probably tomorrow night too. I'm excited. Last weekend was hectic, and not always fun. This weekend I'm predicting beautiful weather, fun and relaxation!

I went shopping last night. Picked up the essentials.
-hot dogs
-mac n' cheese
-chips (Baked Lays baby!! My FAVE! And Veggie chips!)
-Stuff for a pasta salad (which I made last night and it's yummy!)
-margarita mix
-sandwich fixin's
-hot chocolote

Then we went to the park and played/practiced a little bit. My bro brought his girlfriends mom's dog who could be a little pimp at discin'! He was a lot of fun wrapped in a little package. He's a blue heeler, probably about 30lbs. He's teeny-but built like a tank.
Anyway - I love dogs that are just starting out, and learning the process. SO much fun to teach him some tricks. Maybe we'll see him next season in some comps! ;-) Watch out novice division!

Back home, in bed by 10. Perfect way to spend a Thursday afternoon.

Meanwhile, any of you out there looking for a disc dog, or one with potential-please check out Duke. He's from Longmont Humane Society and available for adoption now. This is from this past weekend and here is Roo Yori showing off some of Duke's natural talent and frisbee drive.
**This is his first experience with discin!**

Monday, August 18, 2008

Pretty fantastic weekend!

Well this weekend started out pretty icky. Rain, a little wind, cold, and a VERY early morning on Saturday to make our way to Westminster for The CCC. The Colorado Canine Challenge!! It's a UFO Major tournament, which we can't miss just because of a little rain!

I was worried about slippage and was nervous about the dogs playing, but they did great! No problems with the rain, at all. Other than when they came in from running they were shaking because it was so cold. I tried to dry them off as much as possible in between rounds.

Kipp and I even had to stop just before our 2nd round because of lightning!! A little scary, right?! But that didn't stop us from putting up a 14pt round which put us in 1st place for the intermediate division!
Our first GOLD in a major tournament. Very, very cool.
Jeff and Kipp put up some big numbers in the novice division to take GOLD there too. What a good boy!! (Rescues ROCK!!!)

Rockstar and I even put up our best numbers ever this weekend too. She rocked a 9 in her first round. She's come such a long way from where she was a year ago and I couldn't be more excited. She is tracking like a mad woman and catching some crazy throws. :)
Rockstar and I took SILVER in novice this weekend!

And for the highlight of my weekend..... I was able to watch someone who I look up to on so many levels. Roo Yori and his amazing rescue dog Wallace drove in from Minnesota for this tourny and rocked. They took home Bronze in the Open FS division, and they were so much fun to watch!! Also please visit Bad Rap. Those are two amazing websites fighting for something they strongly believe in. And having fun while doing it. Check 'em out!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

St. Mary's Glacier Adventure!

This past weekend we needed to get out of town. It's hot and icky in Denver, so we went up for a nice mountain stroll!

Or a nice mountain run if you have 4 legs!

Rockstar absolutely LOVES rivers. Not too crazy about lakes...ever since the incident. But I'm glad she still likes the water and runs straight for the rivers every time!

Kipp would much rather be swimming in a lake, see the perplexion in that face? He's wondering where it goes....

Kipp: Where is the Lake mom?? It leads to a lake right??

Jeff also likes rivers. He likes to get Roxy all fired up and get her barking and biting the rapids. Ah, it's the simple things that keep us entertained.

Kipp and Rockstar on the river!
I like to call this Roxy's River Drool.

Drying off a little. Hanging out in the sunshine!

Exploring this fun new place!

Is this not one happy doggie?? Kipp is trying to catch up, although quite unsuccessfully!

Roxy and Kipp LOVED that they could run under these bushes and pop up out of no where. It was WAY too much fun.


Showing off the waterfall. This place was so pretty!

Taking it all in before we leave.

I think we might go back up and camp before time runs out. Although our schedule is SO busy I don't know when we'll have time, but who wouldn't want to go back here as soon as possible? It was perfect.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wonderful Wyoming

The last weekend in July we went to Wyoming for a flyball tournament that The Wyoming Border Collie Rescue was going to be at. We were going to be staying overnight so instead of staying in a stuffy hotel room and keeping the dogs all cooped up, we decided to drive just a little bit out and camp at Curt Gowdy State Park. It was beautiful and I think the dogs approved of the choice, although they must be leashed at all times so we brought some tie outs to keep them on. :( LAME!!

But I think it was worth it for a little bit of this:

Of course Kipp is wondering what is taking us soooo long to take the pups down to the lake. He is just staring at the lake..... c'mon Mom and Dad!!!! Take me down there!!!

Roxy is thinking the same thing, but instead of staring at the lake, she stares at us. Giving us those sweet, sweet puppy eyes. Who can resist those? Not me!

Roxy and Kipp: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO We made it!!! We love it here. Never ever want to leave. Play. Play. Play. Play. Splash. Splash. Jump. Bark. Swim. Wrestle.

Shake shake shake!!

Kipp: Must. get. water. out. of. ears.

Rockstar, doing her duty of keeping an eye on us at all times, decided to go see what Dad was up to. Fishing- she can handle a little fishing.

And then both of them wanted to help, but I had to keep them just far enough away so they wouldn't get in the way of him casting....can you say OUCH?!

And back at our campsite.....Kipp wants to play!!! Suprise!

Roxy would rather chew on a stick that was supposed to be used for kindling. But she was so happy to have it, we let her chew the whole thing to peices. Notice the rawhide that was no longer enticing RIGHT next to her. Obviously, sticks are way better than something you actually have to pay for to chew on.

We are hungry too!!! Time to get to cooking!

Yum, yum, yum!!!!! I am hungry again! There's nothing like some brats, mac n' cheese, beans, macaroni salad, an ice-cold beer and marshmallows for dessert to stuff you full!

Now it's time to go and I don't wanna!!!! We had a good little session for about 30 minutes of non tie-out frisbee time! What are they gonna do? Kick us out?! Ha, try it suckers.

No one came and bothered us the entire time and it was great. The kids got to show off some discin skills to the people at the site next to us and they loved them. Especially the little ~1 1/2 year old. She LOVED Roxy.

And a bird to give us a nice send off!