Tuesday, August 12, 2008

St. Mary's Glacier Adventure!

This past weekend we needed to get out of town. It's hot and icky in Denver, so we went up for a nice mountain stroll!

Or a nice mountain run if you have 4 legs!

Rockstar absolutely LOVES rivers. Not too crazy about lakes...ever since the incident. But I'm glad she still likes the water and runs straight for the rivers every time!

Kipp would much rather be swimming in a lake, see the perplexion in that face? He's wondering where it goes....

Kipp: Where is the Lake mom?? It leads to a lake right??

Jeff also likes rivers. He likes to get Roxy all fired up and get her barking and biting the rapids. Ah, it's the simple things that keep us entertained.

Kipp and Rockstar on the river!
I like to call this Roxy's River Drool.

Drying off a little. Hanging out in the sunshine!

Exploring this fun new place!

Is this not one happy doggie?? Kipp is trying to catch up, although quite unsuccessfully!

Roxy and Kipp LOVED that they could run under these bushes and pop up out of no where. It was WAY too much fun.


Showing off the waterfall. This place was so pretty!

Taking it all in before we leave.

I think we might go back up and camp before time runs out. Although our schedule is SO busy I don't know when we'll have time, but who wouldn't want to go back here as soon as possible? It was perfect.

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