Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wonderful Wyoming

The last weekend in July we went to Wyoming for a flyball tournament that The Wyoming Border Collie Rescue was going to be at. We were going to be staying overnight so instead of staying in a stuffy hotel room and keeping the dogs all cooped up, we decided to drive just a little bit out and camp at Curt Gowdy State Park. It was beautiful and I think the dogs approved of the choice, although they must be leashed at all times so we brought some tie outs to keep them on. :( LAME!!

But I think it was worth it for a little bit of this:

Of course Kipp is wondering what is taking us soooo long to take the pups down to the lake. He is just staring at the lake..... c'mon Mom and Dad!!!! Take me down there!!!

Roxy is thinking the same thing, but instead of staring at the lake, she stares at us. Giving us those sweet, sweet puppy eyes. Who can resist those? Not me!

Roxy and Kipp: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO We made it!!! We love it here. Never ever want to leave. Play. Play. Play. Play. Splash. Splash. Jump. Bark. Swim. Wrestle.

Shake shake shake!!

Kipp: Must. get. water. out. of. ears.

Rockstar, doing her duty of keeping an eye on us at all times, decided to go see what Dad was up to. Fishing- she can handle a little fishing.

And then both of them wanted to help, but I had to keep them just far enough away so they wouldn't get in the way of him casting....can you say OUCH?!

And back at our campsite.....Kipp wants to play!!! Suprise!

Roxy would rather chew on a stick that was supposed to be used for kindling. But she was so happy to have it, we let her chew the whole thing to peices. Notice the rawhide that was no longer enticing RIGHT next to her. Obviously, sticks are way better than something you actually have to pay for to chew on.

We are hungry too!!! Time to get to cooking!

Yum, yum, yum!!!!! I am hungry again! There's nothing like some brats, mac n' cheese, beans, macaroni salad, an ice-cold beer and marshmallows for dessert to stuff you full!

Now it's time to go and I don't wanna!!!! We had a good little session for about 30 minutes of non tie-out frisbee time! What are they gonna do? Kick us out?! Ha, try it suckers.

No one came and bothered us the entire time and it was great. The kids got to show off some discin skills to the people at the site next to us and they loved them. Especially the little ~1 1/2 year old. She LOVED Roxy.

And a bird to give us a nice send off!


Samantha said...

That looks a beautiful place to camp.
Roxy & Kipp look like they had fun especially in that lake.

Laura said...

Looks like a great time was had by all!

Rockstar said...

It was a great trip even though it was short. It really is a nice spot. We're trying to get out and go camping at least 2 more times this summer and I hope we always stay somewhere like this!

Fenway said...

Hi Roxie-- I hope you got a serious taste of those brats. Your vacation looks fabuous and I am just starting mine!

I need your help and I've only been on Martha's Vineyard since last night.

I am running for the Plum TV-MV Dog of the Month contest and the Aug. 15 deadline is looming. I have hardly any votes cause Ms. Alpha ran a terrible PR campaign. So I'm asking all my doggie friends to go to this website and paw out your vote by clicking on Fenway!


Rockstar said...

Don't you worry Fen I voted for you! Good luck, you are the cutest dog in the running!!