Friday, October 31, 2008


There is a Kipp imposter at WBCR:

Maybe he is just being Kipp for Halloween???? Because we all know there can only be one Kipper-Dipper!!

Is that not crazy? He looks just like him. Short hair, on the smaller side for a male, same markings (a few less spots than my boy but you get what I'm sayin') and GET THIS: His name is Tripp. Kipp and Tripp. Matching dogs, matching names.

Isn't he handsome?! I think so, but I guess I'm partial..... :) I'm going to meet him tomorrow and I can't wait! I just love the smooth coated little ones.

Jeff will kill me if I bring him home. Jeff will kill me if I bring him home. Jeff will kill me if I bring him home. Jeff will kill me if I bring him home. Jeff will kill me if I bring him home. Jeff will kill me if I bring him home. Jeff will kill me if I bring him home. Jeff will kill me if I bring him home.

I think I should repeat that all morning tomorrow. Because I just LOVE this little guy.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Rockstar and Kipp did a test run last night with their costumes on to see how they'd do in them. All in all, I think it went pretty well. Rockstar is a champ and has already been through 2 Halloweens and had to dress up for one of them. Kipp was not too thrilled when I first put his costume on him. He wouldn't move.

Nope, not gonna do it. Not even for that delicious treat in your hand!

Wait, did you say you have my favorite snausages??

How's this?

Yummmmmmm, Kipp ate more doggie treats last night than he's had since the entire time he's been here. BUT-my plan worked. He was posing for pictures left and right!!


What good doggies I've got. Happy Howloween everybody!!!

I hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween.

And PLEASE remember-Keep that candy up and out-of-reach of your pooches!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Devi goes home

Devi found her new home last night with a wonderful couple in Eagle, CO.

Devi Side

BYE MOM!!! I've got a new mom now!

We went to the park and she played with Devi for a while. She fell in love with her silly antics and slight uncoordination. I was sad to see Devi go, but I know she will get way more love and attention from them than she could ever need!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Devi at the park

Ok, is this dog not the cutest tubby dog you've ever seen??

Devi Sit Stare

She looooves to play fetch!
Devi Runs Ball

Throw it again Aunty!!!
Devi Play Ball

All tuckered out after about 10 throws. This little girl loves to play but I doubt has ever been exercised.
Devi Down

I feel bad for the poor little sausage. She has HUGE potential to be a killer sports dog. She can catch a frisbee like Kipp, and is almost able to keep up with Rockstar in the speed department, it's just that no one ever played with her. Now she will find a family that will do all the things for her that she has been missing out on. You can't keep her away from the toys in our house and she will steal toys from Roxy and Kipp like she's afraid she will never get it back. No need to worry about that here little girl. You can play with all the toys your little heart desires.