Friday, October 3, 2008

Devi at the park

Ok, is this dog not the cutest tubby dog you've ever seen??

Devi Sit Stare

She looooves to play fetch!
Devi Runs Ball

Throw it again Aunty!!!
Devi Play Ball

All tuckered out after about 10 throws. This little girl loves to play but I doubt has ever been exercised.
Devi Down

I feel bad for the poor little sausage. She has HUGE potential to be a killer sports dog. She can catch a frisbee like Kipp, and is almost able to keep up with Rockstar in the speed department, it's just that no one ever played with her. Now she will find a family that will do all the things for her that she has been missing out on. You can't keep her away from the toys in our house and she will steal toys from Roxy and Kipp like she's afraid she will never get it back. No need to worry about that here little girl. You can play with all the toys your little heart desires.


Kimberly said...

She is so cute! I want her. :-(

Rockstar said...

You need a dog. Who doesn't want a sweet, fluffy sausage to come live with them?! :)

Allie Oop said...

Devi is way cute!!! One of my rescue dogs is very into toys, too, and he stockpiles them under his bed so there's a huge lump. :) He always has a toy in his mouth. I know his foster mom gave him toys, but maybe he's making up for his early puppyhood being deprived.

I know you will whip Devi into shape and hopefully that cute girl will get a great forever home soon.

Rockstar said...

I'm hoping so!! I've heard she has had numerous interested lookers since she was put up on the website. I hope that is a good sign that she will find her forever family soon. And I hope they have LOTS of toys for her. I know I will start them off with a small stockpile... :)