Monday, September 22, 2008

Rookie of the Year!

Here is my Kipper Dipper....Flying his way toward Rookie of the Year!

***Photo taken by Russ Green (****

We're pretty sure that Kipp has locked in Rookie of the Year. Our last competition was Saturday (where Kipp and the fiance took 9th overall, btw!!!) and the way it looks is that Kipp and I have the most Rookie points! :) How cool is that? My little one year old boy, a rescue, that we've only had since January (which is when we started fostering Mr. Dipper-we adopted him at the end of Feb. and he had been in rescue since he was just a baby!) is the man! You go boy!

And not to leave Miss Rockstar out-she came in second with me!! Right behind us....Kipp came in 3rd with fiance Jeff. And our good friend Mike came in 4th with his red dog Maggey!

It was a really fun season and I'm super happy we found this to do with our dogs. It keeps me way more active than I was before, and my lazy butt needed that! Especially now because I need to lose some weight for my wedding! :)

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