Friday, September 19, 2008

Fostering Again

Meet Devi:

Devi is a singe, black & white female, looking for love. She loves toys, long walks, a run from time to time, and snuggling is by far her favorite! Road trips? She loves the wind in her fur and to be right by your side! C'mon-who doesn't want a fun loving woman who is adventurous and up for anything?! She loves to meet new people!!

Devi is somewhere around 3-4 years old we're thinking. She's just giving us a head shot because she's a little embarrassed by her weight right now. She could stand to lose a few!! You cannot feel her ribs, even if you try, so we need to slim her down and find that special someone for her to fall in love with!

She is the sweetest thing. She's already housebroken (Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!) and is working on her crate training. She can be a little barky at first but calms down after a few minutes. She is working on her manners, as being in the shelter for almost a month and who knows where before that, didn't help her much in that department. I can't wait to see how she is after she has had a chance to calm down and get settled in at our house. She is going to make someone a fantastic family member.

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