Friday, May 23, 2008

Who wants to come over and play?

With this!!!!!

Look at this little guy. We will be watching him starting tonight until June 3rd for our friends that are going out of town. Isn't he just adorable?!!! I mean, look at that face! His name is Champ and he's a bc/aussie x.

He's got some big ol' paws!! I'm thinking he might be a bigger boy all grown up!

He was 8 weeks old in these pics, and he is now 10 weeks old. I will definitely be posting lots and lots of pictures of this little guy for the next 2 weeks!

He is mischevious, just like a little puppy should be! That's my camera strap in his mouth. Maybe he was sick of me taking pictures of him already. He better get used to it, it goes with the territory!

He and Jeff are playing the pppppttttttthhhhhh game. He looooves the ppppptttttttthhhhh game!

And he also loves his pink ball. Which Kipp destroyed in the first 5 minutes, btw. Way to go buddy, ruin his very first baby ball.

But seriously, at 8 weeks old he was already fetching AND bringing the ball back to me and releasing it on command. This is one smart doggie! I'm tellin' ya - he's gonna be ALMOST as awesome as Rockstar and Kipp! And that's sayin' something.

You can almost see the drool from Roxy and Kipp wanting me to throw that ball. Champ is trying to hide it from them. I'm not even kidding either. He's a little possessive of his ball! He kept taking it from them and running back to his favorite spot on the grass and then would lay in front of it like he was tricking them. Too cute!

So, who wants to come over and play??

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thorntonfest Pics

Oh, I missed not having a camera for the last month or so!!! (Which explains the lack of pictures on the blog, I've been stealing some old shots and posting them like they're new-Bad Amy!)

Well, guess what bitches? I'm baaaaack and I've got a brand new camera and I'm trigger happy!!!!

Here we are. The Rockstar and me are just waiting for someone to say GO!

Dig deeeeep Rox!

Yeah, my throws kinda sucked. But that doesn't mean she didn't make every effort at them!

That's my girl!

Here is Jeff and Roxy walking to the starting line. Whenever Roxy see's a frisbee she circles and circles us until we throw the disc. People seemed to find this highly entertaining for some reason? Hmmmm, I guess it's because you don't see many herding breeds in this sport?

Kipp is ready to Rock and Roll!!! We didn't get any pictures of him catching, although I did have my best round with him.

And a gratuitous shot of my favorite blonde BC playing a little Toss & Catch with her momma! Go Shayna GO!
And here is her daddy, doing some freestyle with her sister Maggie. They took 1st in the top 2 divisions for this competition, they rock! (I promise I will get better at taking action shots!)
I'm always saying Kipp is a silly boy. Once again here to prove it, Kipp took over the footrest on my chair and got comfy!
My happy boy and me, after our last round.

Roxy can't seem to find it in her to snuggle when frisbees are flying! Here she is watching someone do their freestyle routine. Watch and learn little girl. You'll start your training soon.
And Kipp and I are taking a little cat nap. Which is awesome because normally, this dog only sleeps at night, and if ALL the toys are put away.

Sleepy boy!

Even if Roxy didn't look tired at the comp, she came home and her and Jeff promptly fell asleep on the couch, and stayed there for about 2 hours!

I am really liking this frisbee thing. It has so much about it that I love.

#1-My dogs can come.

#2-I get to take all the pictures I want to and no one looks at me funny.


#4-It's outside.

#5-There are lots of good people in this sport and even though it's a long day, it's a good day with your friends.

#6-My dogs sleep after!!!!!

#7-It means I'm not at work.

#8-I get to work on my tan. Or burn as it was last weekend. I'm upping the SPF to 45 next time!


#10-That means it's summertime baby! I've been waiting for so long!

Monday, May 19, 2008

We made it!

Whew! We have successfully gotten our first disc dog competition out of the way! And the dogs did great. Not necessarily in points and catches, but overall, they were amazing! Kipp was psyched out a little by the crowds watching him and didn't catch one throw his first round. Roxy on the other hand caught 2, but I threw them out of bounds! DOH! The second rounds were much better!

We ended up with:
Me and Kipp pulling 12th

Me and Rockstar pulling 15th

J and Rockstar pulling 15th

(I think there were 23 teams total in the novice division, btw.)
Kipp has never, ever had a drink of water while we are at the park practicing, so it made me nervous that he wouldn't drink all day while we are at comps....but he went straight from the field, right into his crate and drank water every time! :) Now, you non-dog people probably are saying whoopie, but all you dog people out there know that it would've been an extremely nerve-racking day had he not wanted to drink. That was BIG and I'm sooooo happy he feels comfortable in his crate. Rockstar and Kipp were perfectly well-behaved all day, happy, and and I can't wait for the next one (Colorado Springs, 6/1/08) to see how we do!

Friday, May 9, 2008

CDD Spring Training!

Tomorrow is the Spring Training for the Colorado Disc Dogs: So for anyone out there who is interested and doesn't mind just one days notice, then come on down.



TIME: 1:00pm to 5:00 pm, Registration starts at 12:30pm

COST: $25 per individual/ $35 per family for the seminar

--We also have private lessons available for seminar participants --Cost: $10 for 15 minutes of private instruction

PLACE: Federal Heights - Sherrelwood Park - 1200 Douglas Drive, Near Pecos St. and W. 84th Ave. (and WaterWorld)

For more information about the Colorado Disc Dogs please visit

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Rapids Demo Pictures!!

Woohoo!!! I finally got some pics from the Rapids Demo that Rockstar and I did a few weekends ago. The pictures are a little cluttered when Rox is catching the discs but I still love them. Our first big demo! Without further ado...................

Yes, the disc magically changed color as she was running back. Neat trick, huh?? (She looks a little piggly-wiggly in this photo, no?)

GET IT RU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And performing some more magic for you, the Amazing, One and Only, Rockstar.... Poof! Right before your very eyes.....the disc is now orange! No, she will never reveal her secrets.

Taking a little rest. Me and my girl, she made me sooooo proud. She wasn't distracted at ALL by the crowd, the cheers, the other dogs on the field(usually she won't go for a disc if another dog is close or going after the same one, she is a lady and let's them have it....but not this time!)

I can't wait to start doing some freestyle with her, because I think that is where she will really excel. She is just waaaay too smart for only t/c. She loves to learn and it will be a learning experience for both of us. I love it-because we're doing it together!

Monday, May 5, 2008

10 looooong days

Well yesterday was Kipp's first day off of crate rest and I think it was worth the while. He went to the park more than once for some discin', and had my nephew throw him a ball in the backyard for almost an hour, and was able to run and play and jump on furniture and ALL of this without limping at the end of any of it!!!!!!!!! Hooray Kipp!!

I think we might go to the dog park tonight too in celebration and let him romp around some more. He was sooooo happy to finally be out and able to play. I can't wait to spoil him some more with as much activity as possible!