Friday, May 23, 2008

Who wants to come over and play?

With this!!!!!

Look at this little guy. We will be watching him starting tonight until June 3rd for our friends that are going out of town. Isn't he just adorable?!!! I mean, look at that face! His name is Champ and he's a bc/aussie x.

He's got some big ol' paws!! I'm thinking he might be a bigger boy all grown up!

He was 8 weeks old in these pics, and he is now 10 weeks old. I will definitely be posting lots and lots of pictures of this little guy for the next 2 weeks!

He is mischevious, just like a little puppy should be! That's my camera strap in his mouth. Maybe he was sick of me taking pictures of him already. He better get used to it, it goes with the territory!

He and Jeff are playing the pppppttttttthhhhhh game. He looooves the ppppptttttttthhhhh game!

And he also loves his pink ball. Which Kipp destroyed in the first 5 minutes, btw. Way to go buddy, ruin his very first baby ball.

But seriously, at 8 weeks old he was already fetching AND bringing the ball back to me and releasing it on command. This is one smart doggie! I'm tellin' ya - he's gonna be ALMOST as awesome as Rockstar and Kipp! And that's sayin' something.

You can almost see the drool from Roxy and Kipp wanting me to throw that ball. Champ is trying to hide it from them. I'm not even kidding either. He's a little possessive of his ball! He kept taking it from them and running back to his favorite spot on the grass and then would lay in front of it like he was tricking them. Too cute!

So, who wants to come over and play??


Bobbi said...

OMG how adorable. I want him! Do you think they would know if he was missing? HAHA

Rockstar said...

They've only called every day asking how he is, sent texts asking if he is being a terror, and asked if I've taken any good pictures of him.....and they've only been gone a few days, but we could try!!