Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thorntonfest Pics

Oh, I missed not having a camera for the last month or so!!! (Which explains the lack of pictures on the blog, I've been stealing some old shots and posting them like they're new-Bad Amy!)

Well, guess what bitches? I'm baaaaack and I've got a brand new camera and I'm trigger happy!!!!

Here we are. The Rockstar and me are just waiting for someone to say GO!

Dig deeeeep Rox!

Yeah, my throws kinda sucked. But that doesn't mean she didn't make every effort at them!

That's my girl!

Here is Jeff and Roxy walking to the starting line. Whenever Roxy see's a frisbee she circles and circles us until we throw the disc. People seemed to find this highly entertaining for some reason? Hmmmm, I guess it's because you don't see many herding breeds in this sport?

Kipp is ready to Rock and Roll!!! We didn't get any pictures of him catching, although I did have my best round with him.

And a gratuitous shot of my favorite blonde BC playing a little Toss & Catch with her momma! Go Shayna GO!
And here is her daddy, doing some freestyle with her sister Maggie. They took 1st in the top 2 divisions for this competition, they rock! (I promise I will get better at taking action shots!)
I'm always saying Kipp is a silly boy. Once again here to prove it, Kipp took over the footrest on my chair and got comfy!
My happy boy and me, after our last round.

Roxy can't seem to find it in her to snuggle when frisbees are flying! Here she is watching someone do their freestyle routine. Watch and learn little girl. You'll start your training soon.
And Kipp and I are taking a little cat nap. Which is awesome because normally, this dog only sleeps at night, and if ALL the toys are put away.

Sleepy boy!

Even if Roxy didn't look tired at the comp, she came home and her and Jeff promptly fell asleep on the couch, and stayed there for about 2 hours!

I am really liking this frisbee thing. It has so much about it that I love.

#1-My dogs can come.

#2-I get to take all the pictures I want to and no one looks at me funny.


#4-It's outside.

#5-There are lots of good people in this sport and even though it's a long day, it's a good day with your friends.

#6-My dogs sleep after!!!!!

#7-It means I'm not at work.

#8-I get to work on my tan. Or burn as it was last weekend. I'm upping the SPF to 45 next time!


#10-That means it's summertime baby! I've been waiting for so long!

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