Monday, May 19, 2008

We made it!

Whew! We have successfully gotten our first disc dog competition out of the way! And the dogs did great. Not necessarily in points and catches, but overall, they were amazing! Kipp was psyched out a little by the crowds watching him and didn't catch one throw his first round. Roxy on the other hand caught 2, but I threw them out of bounds! DOH! The second rounds were much better!

We ended up with:
Me and Kipp pulling 12th

Me and Rockstar pulling 15th

J and Rockstar pulling 15th

(I think there were 23 teams total in the novice division, btw.)
Kipp has never, ever had a drink of water while we are at the park practicing, so it made me nervous that he wouldn't drink all day while we are at comps....but he went straight from the field, right into his crate and drank water every time! :) Now, you non-dog people probably are saying whoopie, but all you dog people out there know that it would've been an extremely nerve-racking day had he not wanted to drink. That was BIG and I'm sooooo happy he feels comfortable in his crate. Rockstar and Kipp were perfectly well-behaved all day, happy, and and I can't wait for the next one (Colorado Springs, 6/1/08) to see how we do!


Kimberly said...

yay! Congrats Kipp and Roxy. I hope I'll get to see one of their competitions soon.

Rockstar said...

They did so good. Kipp wasn't diggin' on the crowds watching him but I think he'll get used to it. You coming to CO anytime soon??