Monday, June 2, 2008

Pictures from Sunday

I told you I would get better at action shots!

Here we go: First up? Clint and Casey (it was Casey's birthday btw, so ya know, Holla!). They placed 7th....Just out of reach for the cut!

Casey is an awesome dog! See?!

Look at that tail fluff! Get it Case!

Here is a pic of a newbie (like I'm not-ha!) but he is rockin' his first freestyle routine. He also has a Maggey!
Remember Doggie Daycare???? Here is Zoe Monster and Mariah rockin out with their dad! Stretch Zoe, Streeeeetch!!!

Mariah gettin her disc on!

Between the legs.

Off the back-she is kickin some ass!

Under the leg, I don't remember if she caught this one or not.


Over the leg-Maggie can catch anything!

Check out that air!!! I really wish this picture had come out time I'll remember to clean my lens!

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