Sunday, June 29, 2008

They broke me down! I'm so weak.

After looking at this face for the last could I not break down and play a little with the poor boy?

Because, you see, he brings me toys every second he gets the chance.

And Rockstar is bored sick of not being able to play too. Because Kipp just can't seem to handle watching his big but littler sister play and not be able to play himself. So, she is S.O.L. But, she brings me toys too....

I broke down, and threw the toy.

Tug, tug, tug.

Rockstar is bound and determined to get this toy. I call this her yin-yang move.

We went down to our non-existent yard of a backyard and played. This is what happens when you drop the toy as you are running back and try to hit your brakes as hard as possible!


And after playtime is over this is what my Kippers looks like. He holds up his paw, but still never takes his attention off the toy. Rockstar on the other paw seems happy as a clam she finally got to play!! Well Kipp looks happy too, just in a little bit of pain.

This is the look I got from Ru when I told them both to go lay down. It's time to chill.

I dunno, but she looks a little pissed off to me!

I'm sooooo over this 'downtime' crap.

Kipp on the other paw, much to my and Jeff's surprise, looked relieved to just relax on the deck under a chair. Yet he still couldn't lose site of his toy!!!

I think that we are going to try and set up an appointment this week to get his nail removed. It's not getting better and he licks it constantly. I want to make sure he is in as little pain as possible and as happy as possible. I hope it helps.


Samantha said...

Great photo's Amy. :-)

Poor Kipp though, i was so hoping for him that it would get better by itself. I hope he gets on okay at the vets.

He enjoyed his tug play with Roxy though by the looks of it.

He looks so sorry for himself on that photo holding his poorly paw up. :-(

Rockstar said...

Thanks Samantha! I was really hoping it would get better on it's own too, especially after I cut it back, but it's not. I told my bf that I don't want to take him to the vet because it's going to break my heart if it hurts to get removed, and he offered to go for me. What a good man! :)

But still, my poor Kipp!

Kimberly said...

Poor puppy! Somebody needs to take better care of him! I kid, I kid. Do not sic your goons on me. ;-)

Miss you!

Rockstar said...

Hey now! I take good care of him! That's not nice. I actually have him on a supplement right now that should be improving the growth of his nails in the future! See?! :)

Rebecca and Molly the Border Collie said...

They look adorable playing! I really hope it won't be too bad with Kipp and his nail. Poor guy! Molly would hate it if she couldn't play for a while.