Friday, June 13, 2008


A couple of weekends ago we decided to go camping. Memorial Day weekend actually.

What the #*%^ were we thinking??

Ok, that reaction might have been slightly overdramatic, but really.... We couldn't go up half the 4x4 trails because of snow, still 3-4 feet high in some places, and it decided to rain THE ENTIRE NIGHT. There is nothing relaxing about listening to rain pound your tent while you are trying to catch some Z's.

It wasn't all bad though, and I have the pictures to prove it! We went up by an old abandoned mine which was very cool. We saw lots of this:

And I had to go in and check it out of course!!

Not sure what this was back in the day but it's still cool to photograph!

Me and the pooches restin' with the Bubba Keg!

Kipp was slightly confused about why it looked like we were going to be staying up on the side of a mountain and refused to get out of the truck for atleast 45 minutes...

Roxy on the other hand promptly stole the crate we brought for Champ because it really is hers and she was sick of sharing it!

After some pouting, and then some convincing, Kipp finally came out for a look around.

Camp is almost completely set up and ready to go!

Ok, NOW camp is set up. All 3 dogs are happy campers! Ha, get it, happy campers?! Ok, no more vodka/Go Fast's for Amy.....

Still light out and ready for bed Roo?

Way to give Kipp some ideas....he took 45 minutes to get out of the car...wanna guess how long it took to get him out of the tent?

Actually, they didn't stay in there too long, but Kipp didn't really know what to think about this whole camping thing. I think once he realized we weren't going anywhere he settled down. Well that, and once I busted out some of his favorite toys to play with! We're gonna need to go again soon. Roxy had a limp and couldn't really do much when we went, Kipp had no idea what the hell was going on, and we had an 11 week old puppy to watch. Next time should be a little more organized and hopefully NO RAIN will bless us with it's presence....

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Samantha said...

Sounds like you all had a fun trip despite the snow and rain.
I would have checked that place out too!
Nice pic's.