Friday, August 22, 2008

Getting ready for the weekend

This weekend should be AWESOME! We leave after work today, to drive about 3 hours, to Buena Vista. There is a disc dog competition up there tomorrow, and we decided to take the opportunity to camp while we're there. Tonight and probably tomorrow night too. I'm excited. Last weekend was hectic, and not always fun. This weekend I'm predicting beautiful weather, fun and relaxation!

I went shopping last night. Picked up the essentials.
-hot dogs
-mac n' cheese
-chips (Baked Lays baby!! My FAVE! And Veggie chips!)
-Stuff for a pasta salad (which I made last night and it's yummy!)
-margarita mix
-sandwich fixin's
-hot chocolote

Then we went to the park and played/practiced a little bit. My bro brought his girlfriends mom's dog who could be a little pimp at discin'! He was a lot of fun wrapped in a little package. He's a blue heeler, probably about 30lbs. He's teeny-but built like a tank.
Anyway - I love dogs that are just starting out, and learning the process. SO much fun to teach him some tricks. Maybe we'll see him next season in some comps! ;-) Watch out novice division!

Back home, in bed by 10. Perfect way to spend a Thursday afternoon.

Meanwhile, any of you out there looking for a disc dog, or one with potential-please check out Duke. He's from Longmont Humane Society and available for adoption now. This is from this past weekend and here is Roo Yori showing off some of Duke's natural talent and frisbee drive.
**This is his first experience with discin!**

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