Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sister Kimberly sends presents!

Ok, so they weren't for Rockstar's birthday, but since I hadn't given them to the dogs yet I thought I was an appropriate time to finally do it. (I actually received them back at the beginning of September!) But my camera wasn't working at the time so I waited, because I figured it would make a good blog! :)

Oooooo, presents!
I'll just snap a pic really quickly before Roxy or Kipp realizes what they are or who they are for.

(They always seem to be able to sniff out dog toys like nobody's business!)

See what I mean, Roxy is already figuring out that something awesome could be hiding inside the bag.

And before you know it, she grabs one out. I should've never let her unwrap her Christmas presents for the past 2 years, now she just digs in when she knows it's for her! Lol.

And before they get completely destroyed I thought I'd show you guys what they got. 2 rope toys, which happen to be Roxy's favorite thing, but she ends up shredding them all over the living room and I end up picking up strings for days, so mommy doesn't buy her those anymore. This is a special treat! And also 2 on-the-go doggy bowls! They're great. They compact into tiny little flat squares and fit in the tiniest space. Perfect since we take the dogs everywhere with us!

Notice Rockstar trying to be sneaky and steal a toy mid-picture. I couldn't get her out of the pic!

So I had her jump up and take a picture with the fun stuff....but where'd her front legs go? She looks like a cross between a fox and a deer to me for some reason.

You know they're both thinking:
'So seriously, are you gonna put that camera down and throw our new toys? Because this isn't fun for us right now....'

Now THESE are the happy faces I wanted to see!

Kipp found me the toys (like I didn't know where they were!) and in true Kipp fashion, presented them to me with a bow.

Kipp: C'mon Mom, here, I'll even hand it right to you!

Kipp: Oh, I love it, I love it, I love it. Chase, chase, chase. It's all mine.

Kipp: Hey, did you not hear me? I said-It's all mine! Don't you go trying to steal my toy.

Roxy: It's my birthday though, and I am a tugging ninja!! I don't know if you want to try and compete!

Roxy: Neener neener neener. I win, I win. Here mom, here's the toy.

Roxy: Don't you want to take it? Do I need to get it closer? Here, here, HERE!!

So what does Kipp do? He just goes and gets the other toy....and now Rockstar wants that one too. She's SUCH a girl!

And there she goes, just taking what she wants...

Well, attempting to anyway!

He doesn't look too broken up that she took his toy does he?

And here is what she did with it. Less than 5 minutes later and she's already chewed through it! She absolutely loves to chew rope toys. No wonder her teeth are so pearly white!

Thanks Sister Kimberly!! You're the best doggy Aunty EVA!


Kimberly said...

I sent those AGES AGO. You are a mean puppy mommy to hold out on them. From now on, I will send them to Kip and Roxy directly. None of this middleman business.

Rockstar and Kipp said...

I know, mom gave them to me on my b-day (Sept 2nd for those who don't know my birthday) and it took this long, but it was good since I could give them to Rox for her b-day.

And it's Kipp-two p's! :)