Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hose Monster!!!

Rockstar is doing her duty of keeping an eye out for hose monsters. I think she has spotted one.... There is no mistaking that face!

And she's off!! That hose monster has no idea what's coming. This little girl is fierce. This little girl is determined. This little girl is fast and you stand no chance!

She WILL eat you! And woof you. See example below:

And this is her after. Although one might think that she lost this battle with the hose monster- but this is the face of a winner! In my mind anyway. That's how moms are right?
My little winner.

And here is my little weiner! He stayed CLEAR of any water and nonsense that was happening in the yard. And he likes to swim, so who knew the reasoning behind his not wanting to let any hose water touch him. Reminded him a little too much of getting a bath, perhaps? :)

He was not amused by the hose monster and was even less amused when it turned on him for no reason and sprayed him. He ran in the house so fast and waited in the doorway like 'Hah dad, try and spray me now!! Mom will SO kick your ass if you spray that hose in the house. And you know it.'


Lexi, Qwill, Shiner and Trophy said...

All four of my dogs have Kipp's mentality of the hose monster, but it's probably because they DO get baths outside in warm months. Even when i use WARM hose water, they still want no part of it. lol :)

Fenway said...

I like to play with the hose monster, too. It's fantastic in the summer and I've never had a better bitey-face opponent.

My Alphas old BC, Logo, was very much like Kip. If he saw a hose deployed he'd make swift tracks into the house, too.

Your pal,

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Holly is like Rockstar, she loves the hose Monster. Gets totally soaked with it.

Zac is not so sure, he will run under it to fetch a ball but that is about as brave as he gets. lol