Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Daylight savings ending- you are our Nemesis!!

I hate that it gets dark so dang early now! Evil, evil winter months. I can barely get home from work and load the dogs up to take them to the park, none-the-less try and get a good session in before dark. I'm going to have to start going to the dog park more and give up the frisbees for a while I guess.

It was 4pm when I took these pics yesterday. And look at how dark it is getting already! Oy. This is our park, btw. Isn't it nice?! It's big and in a fairly quiet little neighborhood with hardly no other dogs there, ever. I love it!

Some JERK decided it would be fun to do donuts in the grass, right after the sprinklers were on one night. And now this is what the grass looks like. Thanks, a**hole. Now our beautiful, nice, well-taken care of park looks like crap.

But no more whining-it's time to play!!!! This is what it looks like when we arrive at the park. I get out of the Xterra, open the back hatch, Rockstar and Kipp jump out and run to the middle of the grass to wait for me to grab the frisbees and their water. And then they stare.

Kipp has his stare down to a science. There is no denying what this boy wants!!

I like to drop all the discs right in front of them and then take my time putting my cell phone, truck keys, camera, and whatever else I've got, in one nice pile on the ground....just to torture them a little. :) He he he-mean mommy!

And eventually Kipp won't be able to stand it any longer and he'll grab a disc and bring it to me. He's just too damn cute!

Then we have a little session. Here is me and Rockstar attemping to do some freestyle. We're still new at this so it's nothing very exciting. Yet.

She is such a good dog though! She has come a long way in just the little amount of time we've been working on her 'tricks.' Maybe everyone's dogs are just as smart, and learn just as quickly, but I think it's incredible how well she is doing!

And we must not forget about the Dipper! He was sooooo tired, but still wouldn't drink any water. He hates to drink when there is something better to do, like chase a friz! No matter how close we put the water bowl to him, he says 'NO!'

See, now wasn't it nice of him to sit and stare at these for me in case I didn't see them before?! What a good boy you are, Mr. Kipper!

He likes to put ideas in my cute little Roxy's head and before I knew it she was begging for the same thing.

So we played some more, and decided it was time to go. Rockstar was reluctant, but eventually she started heading back to the truck. Kipp will finally drink water at the end of the session because he knows there will be no more disc and heads toward the truck too.

And that, my friends, is a day at the park with Rockstar and Kipp!

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