Monday, December 15, 2008

Park Bench fun

I, for some odd reason, like to make my dogs pose on things that they would rather not. Like this fun green park bench at our local park.

Roxy nicely got up on the bench and sat down, as if to say 'Let's just get this over with lady' and Kipp would not, I mean NOT sit down. Whatever Kipp-you big baby. Good enough for me.

Then we found this other nice green park bench on the top of the hill at the park. Like she knew I was going to ask her to hop up, she did it for me and awaited the picture taking.

I think this is her favorite view. This is her park.

It's actually quite the place. There is a huge area to just run around, and a nice big flat area for practicing discin'.

Kipp doesn't always quite 'get' what I'm asking him. That or he doesn't get why I would want him to do such silly things. He always takes longer to convince that this is fun! But he will usually comply with my wishes for a short time.

Kipp the Lemur. The ears, the eyes, the tail. He totally looks like a Lemur to me here.

And then there is my fox dog. Roxy ends up looking rather fox-ish in many of her pics. Hmmm, Halloween ideas for next year are popping into my head right now...

Mr. Handsome. Still wondering why his mom is crazy. I love you Buddy-thanks for being such a good boy! You can get off now.

I think he got used to being on the bench. Because he didn't really want to get down even after I told him it was ok. He sat, taking in the cold, then hopped off to hang with his sis.

Enjoying each other's company.

And my favorite picture of the trip. The moon in the blue sky, and my 2 pups seeming to relax and just enjoy the view.

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