Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Park + Snow = Fun!!!

I decided that since the pups had to be in their crates all day because it was FREEZING out yesterday (talking less than 10 degrees when I left the house in the am and it never made it past 25 degrees all day. It was around 10-15 with the windchill......brrrrrrrrrrr!)

So we packed up out brand spankin' new Camo Wubba and off to the park we went! What does Rockstar do when we first get to the park? Lay down right in the middle of the shady snow. Aren't these dogs supposed to be one of the smartest breeds? Hmmmmm.....

Ahhhh, maybe Kipp is the smart one. At least he layed where there was some sunshine! Which is good because Kipp can't seem to 'shake' like a normal dog and he can never get all the wet off him properly. Thus, he ends up freezing his little booty off by the time we go back inside.

Wubba Time!!! Kipp would love it if someone would PLEASE throw his new Wubba!! (Wow, I should get paid for all this free Wubba advertising I'm doing right now!)

Roxy likes to carry the Wubba by the strands for some the hard part hits her in the face as she's running....again, smartest breed???

I love her gate as she's running. And look at that smile on her face! She was LOVING the snow!

Kipp is funny. He really didn't know what to do at the park with no Frisbee to chase (or Wubba once I put it away) so he just chased Roxy around. I think he would've just layed down and hung out by me if she wasn't there....waiting for some toy stimulation. Weirdo.

They liked sticking their noses in the snow and then licking it off their faces. That was pretty cute. Roxy would do it as she was running. Like a seagull scooping up a fish out of the water-she would just open her mouth and scoop the top layer of snow off the ground and just keep running.

And then they ran some more!

Eventually I made them stop and rest a little. Hmmm, I wonder what they're looking at? (If you look closely at Kipp's belly -just above his muzzle- you can see how red it is. It was COLD out!!)

Hi mom!!!!

Why does Kipp ALWAYS seem to have a snowy face?

Oh yeah, because Roxy kicks up snow dust onto him when she's running! See?

Examining the park from the top of the hill. Making sure everything is kosher. It seems to be. So I guess we can go home now. :)

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