Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Guess who's back - Back again!

Hello everybody!!! It's been so long where do I begin? Man, it has been a hectic few months here at the casa and I've neglected my poor blog into oblivion. But no more! I'm back and ready to start updating you about Team RK once again.

Well what have we been up to since January?

We've had some snow days-

We've had some sunny with snow days-

We had some fun at the lake days!

Which led to some relaxing on the bed time....

Then we had some more snow days. Jeff and my brother took the dogs up when they went backcountry skiing and snowboarding, so they needed their packs and coats! It was coooooold that day. (You can see the blowing snow in the picture.) Brrrrrrrrr.

And that led to some uber relaxation on the couch.

Roxy knows how to relax in style!

And we had some more sunny days. This was taken up at the Evergreen dog park, which is the new dp we discovered doing a home visit for the rescue. They love it here. It's mountainous, huge, and had lots of new smells! What more could you want in a dog park? Well-maybe a lake too...

And that day led to more sleepy dogs. Are they not the cutest?

I will be keeping up with my blog much more often now that it's light outside when I get home and we are almost done wedding planning!! Woot! So please stop by often and say hello. We love to have you here!


Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...


It looks like you all have been having a lot of fun. Your two look so happy, i love the last shot of them all sleepy on the chair.

Nice to see you back blogging. :-)

DalmatianDave said...

I love the photo just above the line "Which led to some relaxing on the bed time...." The eyes are so funny :)

andrea said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. It looks like your dogs are really well trained and well behaved...not to mention adorable.