Thursday, April 24, 2008

10 days crate rest = 1 unhappy Kipper Dipper

A little background: The bf and I had been noticing that after play time (whether it be roughhousing with Roxy, or practicing some toss and catch, or fetch, or just plain running around in the yard) that Kipp's back passenger-side leg seems to seize up on him and cause him to walk funny. It almost looks like he is walking on the outside of his back right foot and his leg is at an angle under his body. It's been happening off and on for about 2 weeks or so and that was long enough for me.

Skip to yesterday: My brain goes through all the possibilities of what it could be: a sprain, a pull, a tear in a ligament, maybe he has a bruise from a rough landing or roughhousing and it still hurts when he overexerts himself, hip dysplasia, etc. I decide that he must go see a vet, especially before disc season starts, which is May 10th. I took him to a walk-in clinic that is pretty near us, and the vet did an exam on him without seeing any real problems. Some tightness, but she said that could just be from having someone new tugging at his legs and he might not be comfortable with that. '10 days complete rest and anti-inflammatories and let's see how he is after that.' She even said to take him out to potty on a leash, ugh. If he doesn't seem to be doing better at that point we will do x-rays to check out other possibilities. Let's just hope it's a sprain, or soreness/stiffness from something that can be cured in these 10 days! Something must make these 10 days worth it!

He does NOT like this no play, all day thing and we're only on day 1. Oy.

And the worst part is the weather is absolutely gorgeous here and I would like nothing more than to take the dogs to the park every day after work and run them till their little hearts are content. I'll have to sneak Rockstar out without Kipp noticing......

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