Monday, April 21, 2008

This is why she’s hot......

This was a HUGE weekend for Rockstar and I'm so proud of my little girl.
It started out by having her first ever disc dog demo with The Colorado Disc Dogs on Friday night. It was a preview to the big Pet Expo that was in town for the weekend and people had to pay $35 for a ticket to see this! You could also preview the flyball demo and give dock diving a try with your dog, and of course there was the open bar and some appetizers! We did a round of Toss and Catch against another team and we did pretty well considering it was our first demo. She made some great catches.

Then we moved on to Saturday where we are set to do 3 more demo’s at the Expo itself. It was so much fun, she did really well, and we even were able to perform at the half time show for the The Colorado Rapids that night! Seriously, it was our first demo EVER on Friday and we stepped up to a HUGE demo the very next night. It was really exciting and everyone had a blast!!!

On Sunday we did 3 more demo’s and Roxy and I were exhausted by the end of the night. Roxy even had a go at Dock Diving, which is clearly not her sport, but she did jump in and I'm proud of her for even trying it! All in all the weekend was a blast.
Oh, and at the Expo there was a wonderful lady doing free canine massage and I thought Rox might like that so we gave it a shot. She loooooooooooved the massage so throughout the spring/summer, she is spoiled enough to be getting massages after competitions(And Kipp too!). Sorry the pictures aren’t great, I only had my camera phone with me! :(

Eyes closed, completely relaxed!

This is one haaappppy and content dog!

I'm hoping to get some pics from some of the demo's soon. If I do, I will upload those too!!

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