Friday, April 25, 2008

Remember when you used to be able to play?

Aw, I'm torturing by poor boy. Although he doesn't know it. But I am posting pictures from 2 weekends ago when my bf took the kids SNOWSHOEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom, it's COLD up here!!
I think they know a good photo-op when they see one!
He was just running along, happy as a clam....
Then all of a sudden, he wasn't.

He sank in all the way up to his shoulders! But he's cute stuck in the snow!!Mom, look at what happens when you try and dig yourself out with your face!
Roxy is such a showoff. No snow on this little girls face.....yet!
I love this shot of him coming over the hill.
Hmmm, they still look a little cold.
And the beautiful Colorado scenery.
Roxy is here to model with this tree.....very nice.
Rocky Mountain High!
Rocky Mountain Bye. These were 2 tuckered out doggies, ready to sleep the entire ride home!


Bobbi said...

Those poor babies! How could you be such a mean mom and make them play in the horrible freezing white stuff and they don't even have a coat or booties. Don't you know there are dogs made for that and I'm sure Roxy and Kipp would agree with me that they are not it! (; Give them some sun and a frisbee instead!

Rockstar said...

Jeff did it-not me! I tried to give them some sun this weekend, but the frisbee will have to wait 6 more days....bleh! Oh hey, CONGRATS ON THE NEW JOB! You go lady!