Monday, April 7, 2008

Doggie Daycare?

For the weekend I am watching my friend's 2 dogs.
This is Mariah:

Poor Mariah. She just cries and cries hoping her dad will come back soon and get her. She loves to lay on the couch, but any little, tiny sound and she is jumping up looking out the window trying to see if Daddy is coming. Poor little girl. Only one day left honey!

And this is Zoe (who I just LOVE!):
My brother decided she needed a new nickname, and is now lovingly known here as 'PunkAss' because she is hard core with her black eye!!

Hmmmm, me thinks someone is a wee bit bored....

Nope, she was just tired and needed to find someone without a camera to snuggle up with. Jeff was an easy target.

Kipp has decided he LOVES little PunkAss. It is a constant PuppyWE (That's canine for WWE) in my living room anytime both of these kids are in the house. And it's funny when Rockstar joins in too because they gang up on poor PunkAss. But she is a trooper and still takes them on!

The Kipp Takedown!


MOM! She stole my MONKEY!

Come and get it sucker!!!!

I'm so cute with the Monkey though, you should just let me keep it...

And when Kipp is done wrestling with PunkAss, he looks like this. She wears him out!

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