Monday, July 7, 2008

Better late than never.

Here are my 2 with their prizes from this last weekend! Sorry it took so long to get these up, but I've been busy trying to keep Kipp entertained without letting him play too much. And that is a challenge!! :)

Roxy seems rather unimpressed it took me so long to show off her awesomeness!

(And please excuse my lame white walls for the backdrop. I am just now getting started on my painting project with the house and haven't made it to the living room just yet!)

Yep, she's mad. How could I let such wonderous accomplishments take so long to share with the world?? Ugh, what a bad doggie mommy I am!

Kipp is exactly the opposite. He was ecstatic that he got to wear his medal and show off his goods!!! Just look at how proud he is of himself. I love this dog!!!!

Kipp: I'm such a good boy! I'm such a good boy! I'm such a good boy! I'm such a good boy!

This is a different white wall in our living room that is currently housing all of their accomplishments. Rockstar's picture is on your right, and Kipp's is on the left. All the plaques they've earned are below their pics, and their medals are hanging from the shelves. (Click on the picture to see a larger view.)

This coming weekend on Sunday is our next competition and I think Kipp is going to be just fine to play. He hasn't limped at ALL in 2 full days and he is back and ready for action. He is completely back to his old self, bringing us toys at 5am to play with, wrestling with Roxy even more than he used to (just because he can I think!), and his great puppy spirit is back. I missed my crazy Kipp these last 2 weeks. Serious Kipp just isn't the same.

We're off to the park now, I hope you are too!!!


Rebecca and Molly the Border Collie said...

I'm glad to hear that Kipp is getting back to being himself!

They both look great with their medals and awards, even if Rockstar is mad about the delay.

Rockstar said...

I'm glad too! A sad bc should never happen!