Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Flatirons in Boulder

We had a busy, busy weekend this last weekend (although it seems like every weekend is way too busy lately). We started out by taking a nice little hike on Saturday, ~ 6 miles, with some bc friends. What better way is there to start out a wonderful weekend than that???

Here we go, down the trail!

I think Kipp really likes Ouzo, he was following him around like he was his idol. I mean, what dog doesn't want to be like Ouzo?!

Kipp was a very good boy, even with the other dogs as distractions. He listened well, and made me a proud momma! Although he didn't always appreciate the fact that I kept calling him back if he was out of my site....

We found a river!! Well, what was left of a river. But they didn't care they were just happy to romp in the water!

This is what happens when you get out the magical ball. Full attention!

Ouzo looking soooooo happy SOMEONE finally got the hint and let his ball free from it's captivated state in his mom's backpack! He kept sniffing the bag, because he SO knew what was in there!
Roxy's shake-shake-shake!

Ouzo being handsome

Roxy and Kipp - intent that if you stare at it long enough, it will get thrown.....

Resting and drying out from the creek. Hmmm, makes me wonder why there is only 4. I know we started with 5.......

Rox and Kipp checking out what the others are up to.

What's Ouzo up to? Just exporing. Over here mom!!! Look at me!

On the way back, they went straight for the creek. BIG suprise!

Throw it!

Being sexy on a rock.

Showing off their posing skills. Actually, the dogs found this wonderful photo op and we just took advantage of it! I didn't even put them over there!

We couldn't stop them if we wanted to! Look at sneaky Craig!

Top shot of Taz, he is so sweet. He was just about to love on his mom right after this pic was taken!

Kipp and Craig frolicking in the grass

Ouzo being the man, and posing for some pictures

Taz taking in the sun, looking tired and ready to head back!



Samantha said...

They look great together Amy!
Such a photogenic and handsome pack.

I had seen some but not all of them, they are great photo's.

Can't possibly pick favourites but love Roxy & Kipps - throw it now stare, Ouzo being Ouzo and exploring in the grass, Taz with his very intense throw that ball now expression, Craig cheekily peeking under the fence whilst Roxy & Kipp sit all proud, oh you get the idea heehee, love em all!

Laura said...

Ooo, I just saw this! What beautiful dogs ;-) and excellent photos. I especially love Kipp and Roxy looking sideways in unison--they're just such a cute pair! The hike was really fun, we'll all have to do it again sometime!

Samantha said...

I have given you an Award but you have to drop by my blog to collect it. :-)