Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What's the big deal??

Let's face it, my dogs are hairy. (Go figure!) Even being smooth coats, they shed like crazy. Well, Kipp not so much, but Rockstar rivals some long haired dogs I've owned. And she was ready for a grooming...about a month ago, but let's not get into that right now. I have a brush for her, but it's one of those slicker brushes and I think it hurts Roxy's skin when I use it so I've been avoiding the situation entirely.

I've been trying to avoid paying over $50 for a brush, but I couldn't take it anymore and went ahead and bit the bullet. What makes this brush worth $50 I ask!!!


First, since I figure I'll be sitting on the floor here for a while, I better get all the tools necessary for the task....

Dog treats and beer of course!

Ok Rockstar-you're up first! This is the enthusiastic face I get in return....

Ok buddy, let's do you now! Yup, he's really good at taking lessons from Roxy.

But dun da da!!!!!!!! A smiley happy Ru is the final result and lots of hair gone!! She looks MUCH better now and I can't believe how well she did. She didn't give me a yucky face once while being groomed, which means she could care less when I use this brush! WooHoo! I looooove this brush!

The Final Results: 2 Happy, Shiny, Soft, Smooth doggies!

Now I know why so many people have forked over the $$ to get this brush. It comes highly recommended and doesn't disappoint!


Kimberly said...

I just made a friend here buy that b/c I was so fascinated by a) the name but mostly b) the video on their website. It takes out so much hair!! I'm glad it works as well as they claim.

Mafiosos! said...

I agree with you: worth EVERY penny!