Thursday, July 10, 2008

How to spend your 4th of July weekend when you're all alone.

Fix something you've been wanting to fix since you moved into your house over 2 years ago!!!! The ugliest. kitchen. ever.

I realize this has nothing to do with my wonderful dogs, but I am so proud of this, that I just HAD to share it with you!

This is the 'before' picture of my kitchen. It was originally taken because we were getting a new dishwasher and I wanted to take before and afters of that (but I forgot to take the after-Duh!).

Pretty stinkin' boring, eh? I love, love, love color but this was the only room in the entire house that didn't really need work done to it when we bought this place. So it stayed as they had it. If only they could see it now!!!!!


Here is my kitchen now. I was going for a Tuscan theme, don't really know if I hit the nail on the head but I like it either way. The color is Mango Madness and I don't really think they could've come up with a better name!

I need to update the photos above the sink because they no longer match, maybe I'll put a painting there, I'm not really sure yet. Suggestions anyone?

Notice the bottle of wine and wine glass on the counter? I needed some help 'getting into character' while I was putting stuff back/organizing everything after painting, and I think the Cabernet Sauvignon did the trick!

Actually, now that I look at the pictures....If you look at the end of the cabinet you can see my bc calendar hanging and directly underneath that is all our dogs treats. Man, they're spoiled! So ha! I did manage to make this post semi-sorta-but-not-really about dogs!


Kimberly said...

oooh, I like it! The cabinets look really nice against it. What does Jeff think? Now, you just need a complimentary rug for the floor to pull it together.

also, I wouldn't put a painting above the sink b/c the humidity (from the hot water) wouldn't be good for it.

Rockstar said...

Hmmm, good point about the painting. But something needs to go there....I just don't know what!

Jeff likes it, but got punched when I showed him and he said he liked the green better (ass). I'm looking for a rug the next time I go shopping. We have a little one right now that's nice, but it's not enough.

Judy @ No Fear Entertaining said...

Love the color of the kitchen!!!

Laura said...

LOVE it! In a big way!

Rockstar said...

Thanks everyone! It took a bit to get up the cojones to actually do it though. :)

Samantha said...

Wow, that is a bright colour. It does look good, i really like it and it does make your kitchen look much more fun.